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NAIZAK AL IRAQ Is an engineering & IT services centre  that aims to deliver the latest technologies and work methods that can make a role in help the Iraqi client  to catch up with the modern work ways and international standers.

NAIZAK AL IRAQ was established in 2009  based on the experience and right scientific basis, modern work procedures, so NAIZAK AL IRAQ whom relies essentially on its highly trained and skilled staffs, its well experienced supervisors and experts to deliver a high quality service to its client that can help him in the core of his business to achieve high performance and reasonable coast.

NAIZAK AL IRAQ deals with inter national brands and assurance system that can guarantee a high quality and performance so original certificate will be provided and a minimum one year guarantee.

What make NAIZAK AL IRAQ so distinctive and unique at executing work is its high training, special creativity and being censored and instructed by sophisticated supervisors.

NAIZAK AL IRAQ get the font among all other companies due to her competitive prices and international providers which are distinctive for the quality of products, efficiency and genuine guarantee and also the reasonable delivery time  the other factor is the price offers which exceed the limit of Iraqi market prices to extend to middle east.

Hence we kindly put all of our service and capabilities forward between the clients hand so as to provide him with the best service and keep in touch with the client to get to the level of accomplishing work rightly with the reasonable cost and within the appropriate time period.